Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

I had a motivating conversation over coffee with a friend and fellow creative. We were talking about success and fear and how sometimes we are are own worst enemies. Sometimes…we are afraid to succeed.

Let’s admit one thing: there will always be fear. Maybe you’re afraid of doing a good job on a project. Or maybe you’re afraid of talking about some concerns with a friend. It’s how you deal with that fear that shapes the outcome.

We all have a fear voice and a faith voice. Your fear voice tells you, ‘You’re not good enough; this is going to take time; you’re going to have to learn something new. Just do the bare minimum.’  Your faith voice tells you, ‘You can totally do this. You want a happy client, right? Do the work, give them a little more than they asked for, and make them love you.’

If you change your way of thinking, the good stuff you’re looking for will drive you to succeed. Listen to the faith voice. Focus on the faith voice.

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