WordCamp and Kandinsky



My friend, Mary Kay, and I went to Milwaukee this past weekend for WordCamp. We did blow off the first couple sessions to see Kansinsky’s exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I think all we missed at the conference was stuff we already knew, so we were giddy to sneak in some culture.

This was my first WordCamp, and with a price tag of only $40, I was skeptical about what I’d get out of it. I was blown away. After one day I could have left and it would have been worth every penny. The majority of speakers were very good: knowledgeable, nice presentations, eager to help. Sessions were kept to 45 minutes, allowing time in between to grab a beverage/snack, and decide what to hit next. It also helped to chat with folks at lunch — people really tried to guide us.

I’ve been struggling with whether or not to enter the world of developing; WordPress makes it so easy to do, and it’s easy for clients to take over maintenance of their sites. I believe there is a perfect client for me out there: they value good design, they embrace the WordPress phenomenon, and they’ll take the reins once it’s designed and built. After attending WordCamp, I’m confident I’ve made a good decision. There was a time when all I could offer a client was the print side of things. I’m sure I lost business because of it. Learning WordPress has already opened up some doors for me. People can get print AND web with me. And I’m excited to work those people.