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Bowling Shoes

Bowling Shoes PhotoBowling Shoes

When I travel, I take pictures of things up close. This is an example. A pile of bowling shoes! It helps that I love to bowl but even random things will grab my attention…the roots on an old tree, stones and shells on the beach, moss growing on a rock. I always think when I look at these pictures, they’ll take me back to the place where I found them. It helps, but nothing replaces the real deal.


Sketch of the Week

tree wash

I started a “Sketch of the Week” post last week, and it was a sketch of hearts (for Valentine’s Day).

This week, it’s painting. I did a watercolor wash background and a watercolor painting of a tree, scanned them in and combined them, reversing the tree white out of the wash. Parts of the tree are translucent, allowing some of the wash to show through.

This project rekindled my desire to paint.