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30-Day Creative Sprint: Days 6-8

An Ant's PerspectiveEh…too much fun stuff this weekend to sketch. Probably not the way this challenge is intended, but I did days 6-8 all at once.

Day six was looking at life from an ant’s perspective; what would you build? I decided an ant sized hot air balloon.







microscopic organisms

Day seven was creating something that references microscopic organisms. Sort of my take on fast food.









wine ten times largerDay eight was creating something then creating it ten times smaller or larger, then again ten times smaller or larger. I don’t know how this could even work on this small page, so I know my scale isn’t right. I think the point is the larger the item is, the more detail you can include. I’ll be honest. I’m tired and dinner is almost ready so there isn’t a whole lot of detail going on here tonight. Tomorrow is another day.